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Aluminium lacquered tinplate sheet
The aluminium lacquered sheets with 6-7g/m2 and 8-10g/m2 , can be used for the fish can and other food cans , it can be used for both 2pc and 3pcs can as well as the body and ends , and we can also supply the scroll sheets which specifically for the ends , all the lac are passed SGS test and achieve the food hygienic standard of EU and FDA , the lacquering on the sheets has good uniformity with the difference less than 0.3g/m2 , and it has good adhesion to avoid the scratch or damage during the can production and will not rust or discolor after the high temperature sterilization , it can ensure the guarantee period over 36 monthes . Those lacquered sheets are export to Russia , Ukraine , Bulgaria , Yemen ,Nigeria and others .

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